What is ruining your Salon Business unorganized bookings

“Unorganized Bookings” is what is ruining your Salon Business

          Running a Salon or Spa on your own can get hectic when it comes to organizing customer appointments. Last minute cancellations and no-shows can be a real nightmare, when you are striving to achieve your targets.

          Luckily, we are in an era, where we can rely on technology for support. What comes to your rescue in such challenging hours is an AI based automated booking system that will boost your performance and improve your service.

          Let’s explore how upgrading yourself with an AI based automated platform would maximize your productivity.

Flexible Reservations:

          Managing your schedules with an automated booking system is nothing but a cakewalk. Multiple calls can be received at the same time, and bookings, cancellations, and reschedulings are handled simultaneously by the system. This enables a much organized and efficient appointment management.

Prompt Text and Emails:

          One day your Salon is overcrowded with customers, that there are not enough stylists to engage customers, and the other day your salon is empty with literally few customers. This is because of unnotified rescheduling, no-shows, and surprise visits. Sending prior reminders to customers through texts and emails can drastically reduce no-shows and end up in advance rescheduling.

          Customers would also be sent reminder texts and emails of their maintenance alerts, such as hair trims, hair colors, and nail extensions. Regulating such maintenance services can bring in a balance in everyday customer visits.

User-friendly Technology:

          It’s exceptional to upgrade yourself with a fully automated booking system, but what is more important is that you should be able to access and understand your reports. This automated booking platform provides a simple and easy-to-access dashboard, which enables you to see the number of appointments and schedules, and moreover it allows you to manually alter bookings.

Elevate your Revenue:

          Enabling an AI based automated booking system allows you to reduce your manpower on handling bookings. As it facilitates multiple bookings and rescheduling simultaneously, leading to fewer cancellations, you can definitely experience a remarkable boost in revenue.

            So, a salon with one receptionist earning an average of 2,000 dollars per month, may adopt our management application for a price 50% lower than the receptionist’s salary and reduce their overhead expenditures.

            Missed your customers due to an unorganized appointment booking system? Tired of the inefficient handling of appointments by the existing booking software?

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