Using an Automated Booking System for your business

Why You Should Start Using an Automated Booking System for your Business

          Are you running a business and finding it difficult to manage and organize your customer appointments, bookings, and last-minute no-shows? Then it’s high time you start using an AI-based automated booking platform.

Managing appointments manually can be complex, and sometimes confusing thereby consuming a lot of your time. Using an AI-based automated booking system can save you time and refine your overall booking experience.

Now let me elaborate on why you should consider using an automated booking system for your business.

Flexible Bookings:

          Organize your schedule with the help of an automated booking system. Calls from your customers would be received simultaneously by an AI-based automated booking system and appointments would be scheduled accordingly. This enables hassle-free multiple bookings at once. And therefore you are less likely to miss out a customer for unorganized scheduling.


          No-shows and unnotified rescheduling can be a real mess. But upgrading yourself with an automated booking system can be a savior. Monitoring customer bookings and sending reminders to them via texts and e-mails can avoid no-shows and lead to prior rescheduling in the available slots. Customers who often miss their appointments would be given a second reminder to double check their availability.

Uplift your Revenue:

          What is most important about using an automated booking system, is you need not hire a staff to handle appointments and bookings. And since it enables multiple bookings at a time, it allows you to save a lot of time. As your bookings are managed to perfection with the aid of an automated booking platform, cancellation of appointments will be drastically reduced, thereby increasing your revenue.

          So, a salon with one receptionist earning an average of 2,000 dollars per month, may adopt our management application for a price 50% lower than the receptionist’s salary and reduce their overhead expenditures.   

        Missed your customers due to an unorganized appointment booking system? Tired of the inefficient handling of appointments by the existing booking software?

          That’s why you have Booking Bee! An instant solution for hassle-free bookings!

          Want to know how? Booking Bee is a conversational bot combined with a management system that lets your customers book, reschedule, and cancel appointments anytime over the phone.         

          Yes! It’s that simple! Your customers can now book appointments 24×7, not just during business hours! That too with zero human intervention!