Voice-Based appointment software for salons

Why Automated Voice-Based appointment software is necessary for Salons

            Managing appointments for customers and the activities surrounding scheduling are the lifeblood of salons and other customer-facing industries. Appointments are which provide the salons and companies with the entry gateway for the user to experience service and become a payable customer. Managing appointments is the equivalent of an entry pass provider in a sports stadium, who sells the fans tickets to enjoy the match and brings in revenue to the stadium. Yet appointment scheduling still suffers from too much manual effort.

  Like every other task used to increase revenue –

  • spending on marketing the business to prospective customers through different means.
  • scouting and opening in the best possible location so that the salon catches the eyes of the bypassers.

            Similarly, as with the above activities given, automating and managing the appointment is also needed to attain better traction and prevent any revenue leakage.

            Revenue generation for a salon can only happen when a prospective user books an appointment, shows up at the salon and experiences the services offered by the salon or spa. So the appointment management platform needs to be automated and efficiently run to support those activities.
We must embrace the next wave of techno services that automate the inefficiencies out of every interaction, so people can focus on the work that matters.

            BookingBee, a voice-based appointment platform, eliminates the issues and discrepancies in the appointment lifecycle. The discrepancies faced in appointments will both lead to revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction, which is

  • Fatal for a business like salons and spas
  • Highly competitive and run on thin margins.

Value addition of the product


            Based on the survey, an average of two members lost every day owing to inadequate booking administration will cost roughly $30 per consumer, resulting in a monthly income loss of $1,800.
Even if you are paying a fee of 40 to 50 dollars per month for our application, you will be able to raise their monthly revenue by 100 dollars.


            A traditional booking practice does not only require a dedicated employee to answer and manage phone calls but also has to hire staff for

  • Updating appointment books
  • Sending reminders to customers
  • Dealing with payments, and many more

            Implementation Our management application would lead to the reduction of these expenses in an organization.

            So, a salon with one receptionist earning an average of 2,000 dollars per month, may adopt our management application for a price 50% lower than the receptionist’s salary and reduce their overhead expenditures.

            Missed your customers due to an unorganized appointment booking system? Tired of the inefficient handling of appointments by the existing booking software?

            That’s why you have Booking Bee! An instant solution for hassle-free bookings!

            Want to know how? Booking Bee is a conversational bot combined with a management system that lets your customers book, reschedule, and cancel appointments anytime over the phone.

            Yes! It’s that simple! Your customers can now book appointments 24×7, not just during business hours! That too with zero human intervention!