AI and Automation in appointments globally

The increasing need for AI and Automation in appointments globally

          From being a niche a decade earlier, artificial intelligence has become the norm for today’s organizations that want to compete technologically, make quick and correct decisions, and be nimble.

          Artificial intelligence can be defined as the process of empowering machines or software to make decisions and responses by themselves by recognizing patterns, mining data, etc.

Artificial intelligence is being adopted by all kinds of industries as per the new age policy that
“All businesses are technology businesses”

          Artificial intelligence enables both revenue generation and revenue retention for different businesses.

Different companies are leveraging artificial intelligence to

  • Create new business prospects
  • Increase revenue
  • Optimize costs
  • Manage expenses.

          One of the most important functions of the business where artificial intelligence would play an important role is in appointments and booking.

          As per the Forbes article (ref), the healthcare industry alone loses more than 150 billion dollars every year because of appointment mismanagement.

          Similar to the healthcare industry, salons and spas, which historically operate with fewer employees, appointment mismanagement acts as the biggest reason for revenue loss and inefficient usage of staff and customers’ time.

Some popular AI companies and their details

Databricks : Databricks is a fast-growing company with best-in-class engineers and data scientists, creating the future of cloud computing, data services, and universal computing resources.

Argo AI : Argo AI is an artificial intelligence company that designs, builds, and deploys self-driving technology. : is a platform for analytics for growth that empowers business insights through data collection, visualizations, and automation.

          So what about an AI company for appointment management? That’s why you have a Booking Bee! An instant solution for hassle-free bookings!

          Want to know how? Booking Bee is an AI-based conversational bot combined with a management system that lets your customers book, reschedule, and cancel appointments anytime over the phone.

          Yes! It’s that simple!

Stay tuned for the next blog, where we will elaborate on how Booking Bee leverages artificial intelligence to solve the problems faced by saloons and spas.